Placing your ezine in a Blog or a RSS Feed only takes minutes to do. It’s easy, fast and free. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this new technology.

Here are 5 solid reasons why you should publish your ezine in a blog:

1. To Syndicate Your Ezine. Place your ‘content’ and ‘links’ on hundreds of sites. As you probably know by now, the internet is a numbers game – the more links, the more content you have ‘out there’ – the more traffic you will receive.

Syndicating your ezine in a RSS Feed will also make it more readily available to those who don’t check their email or for those who get their email blocked by Spam Filters or Overzealous ISPs.

2. Get Feedback From Your Readers. In my opinion this is the most important reason to publish your ezine in your blog. It allows for instant reader feedback.

Communication with your subscribers is essential for building trust. Instant contact also adds creditability – you are a real human being – ready to answer any questions a subscriber might have.

As an extra bonus – your readers also get a chance to add links to their site. Great for reciprocal linking.

3. Add to MyYahoo! By getting your subscribers to add your blog to their ‘MyYahoo’ – your readers have immediate access to your ezine. You don’t even need e-mail. The Spam Filters can’t touch you!

By getting your subscribers to bookmark or Add your ezine/RSS Feed to their MyYahoo – you’re building a large targeted contact list. A great way to connect instantly with your subscribers.

4. Blogs Will Help Index Your Ezine Quickly. Get your ezine indexed in all the search engines. More exposure, more sales, more subscribers. Using ‘MyYahoo’ will get your ezine indexed very quickly.

The search engines are constantly looking for fresh content on your site. By publishing your ezine thru your blog your’re adding fresh content to your site. You can add new content in a matter of seconds – without dealing with ‘html’ or ‘xml’ coding. Because it’s so fast and easy – you will be publishing more often or developing other blogs to match the content on your site.

More links – higher PR rankings.

5. To Monetize Your Blog/Ezine. Many blogs such as eBlogger encourages you to add the ‘adsense code’ to your blog. If you have a large subscriber base you can earn extra money from your ezine and blog for months; if not years to come.

This is in addition to all those affiliate links and product promotions you have in your ezine. Get these links indexed and earning you money for years to come!

In addition, as an extra bonus, by actually using RSS or a blog you will become familiar with this new technology. Maybe all the hype about RSS is somewhat overblown but in the near future every web site will have it. Where’s there’s hype – there’s interest!

Gear up now to take advantage of this interest. Put RSS on your site right now.

No one can afford not to use this opportunity to get their content ‘out there’ – syndicated on the web. RSS is just another way of passing along your information. You should take advantage of it.

If you’re still wondering how to publish your ezine thru your blog or how to put RSS on your site. Just download this simple RSS Report and Guide.

Putting RSS Feed on your site only takes a couple of minutes. Publishing your ezine in your RSS Feed can be done in seconds! Give RSS a try – the rewards are worth it.